"Speaking of Sasquatch"

In collaboration with Kathleen Odom, we publish a free webcast called Speaking of Sasquatch, which offers an antidote to the popular media's frequently sensational and distorted representations of sasquatch.  It can be accessed via our YouTube channel:


In a recent, 105-minute special report from Canada, we document one of the most noteworthy instances of human-sasquatch interaction to have emerged publicly in recent years.  Over the course of three days last autumn, filmmaker Christopher Munch was invited to observe and document both the phenomenological and emotional nature of events taking place at Sasquatch Ontario:

In another of our recent videos, the noted interspecies communicator Jann Weiss discusses sasquatch consciousness:

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  1. Wow ~ I am in tears. How beautiful! Both the movie and these videos. I am ready for my marble!