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The commercial DVD of the film (NTSC format, all-region) has been released and is available through this website and through Amazon.com. In addition to the 104-minute main feature, the DVD contains a brand-new 42-minute documentary titled Sasquatch and Us: Where We've Been, Where We've Going. This bonus feature contains interviews with seven informants whose understanding of the sasquatch phenomenon we hold in high regard; it focuses not on the usual anecdotal or physical evidence, but offers a cross-section of insights from individual humans whose experiences are at the vanguard of interspecies communion.

Several deleted scenes from the main feature are also included. Audio includes the English soundtrack in both 5.1 and 2.0 formats. Standard non-commercial home video license.

The price of the DVD is US $20, including first-class postage within the U.S.  Foreign orders are $30.

Canadian customers, please order from FilmsWeLike.

Please contact us for public performance, wholesale and institutional orders.

Orders are generally shipped within 5-7 days from receipt.  (If you require faster service, please order from Amazon.)

Parental note:  the film is unrated, however if it were to be rated, it would likely receive a "PG-13"rating for 3 instances of rough language.  If you require further information from a parental standpoint before ordering, please contact us.

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